I am Vianney Lefebvre, a painter from Lille (France), now living and working in Koper (Slovenia).

For many years I was a pupil of Stevan Veljkovic, himself a pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the 80s, an artist who transmitted to me the passion of colors and light. Today, my painting explores these two fundamental aspects, and is enriched by textures. I am in constant search for novelty, a unique gesture.

My abstract works, which form the core of my work, are inseparable from a perennial spirituality, and my personal journey goes hand in hand with my artistic journey. My recent expatriation in Slovenia is part of it. The prohibition of self-complacency in front of my work constantly leads me to question myself, to renew my technique and to enrich it.

The sincerity of the canvas is absolute, it is the expression without filter of my state of mind. As a result, I would often be unable to explain to you this or that canvas, for it is supposed to speak for itself: in spite of the expressionist approach, I want the freedom of interpretation of the viewer for my works whatever its “culture” of art. Everyone can therefore leave his imagination free and let his emotions speak.

This site does not show all my works, but almost all the series in progress or past. It should give you a good idea of what my work looks like. It is quite possible to let me know of all your requests, for example if you want to see more, or to acquire a canvas: to do so, go to the Contact tab.

I wish you a very good visit!